Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust

I wonder if I should make getting kicked out of Facebook Groups my new hobby?

(Warning: Below the cut contains slurs.)

Saturday evening I received a message that "Pagans and Witches Group" had a new message posted. It was about odd Oracle Cards! I read how the original poster found Shakespearean Oracle Cards and that they interested them. I added those cards onto my Amazon Wishlist weeks ago, so I posted to that affect, and--well, you can read below:
I am the purple blocks. In green is a mod for this Facebook group.
The two links I included in my post were this link and this link. Then here is the link to the Amazon seller page for the cards that contain the slur.

Now, this screen cap includes the "Unable to post comment" error which alerted me that...erm, my posts might have been deleted. But it was more than that. Instead, I was banned from the group. And the sister-group to this page, "Celtic and Druid Paganism", which I was not even posting on at the time.

So I have a few suspicions as to what specifically got me banned. 

  1. I was created "drama." Which is a difficult thing to avoid if someone is going to be upset whenever their world view is confronted with opposition. How dare I inform others that a word they use is a slur against a group of people! I might actually make the place safer for those in that oppressed group if I do that! (Oh, but what about the poor white people? Won't anyone think of them!)
  2. I used the slur "N*gger." I do feel wrong that I had to type out another slur, but I used it (censored) because most white people will not touch that word with a ten-foot-pole. That said, if I was banned for referencing that slur, erm...was this mod removed for also using the slur "g*psy"? Was the original poster? Was the person who referenced it also removed? No? Just me? So some slurs are OKAY but others aren't...?
  3. I insulted this Mod for continuing the conversation. But I distinctly remember this mod discussing how at least 2 mods needs to sign off on banning someone, so did he forgo that in sake of their ego? 
Basically, I again am banned for not tolerating racism, oppression, bigotry, etc. 

In better news, my friend pointed me to this website, CAORANN: Celtic's Against Oppression, Racism, and Neo-Nazism. With that in mind, I am going to link to that group at the bottom of my blog. She also pointed me to the Facebook group she belongs too, which supports this group so... Perhaps I'll have better luck this time around. I am 3 for 4 in terms of Facebook paganism groups' banning me. If I join this new group, I will have 2 groups that haven't banned me. I am hard to keep around, eh?

For those curious, you can read about my previous encounters with the pagan community: Boycotting Next Millennium, my first encounter with the local pagan community, my petition against Next Millennium, reviewing Next Millennium's newsletter, and the second encounter with the pagan community.

How do you (or would you) handle controversy in a casual dialogue setting?

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