Sunday, October 19, 2014

If You're Not A Metaphysical Shop, Why Act Like It?

You know, I don't miss updating this blog at all...

A new shop opened up in Omaha called The Conjure Shop. I held my breath because I don't have a good experience with occult-type shops, but the first visit went rather well with just minor problems. Then the second visit was...well, "Diet Racism" type of things that are still racist but not necessarily worth boycotting. But on the third visit I saw something that made me contact CAORANN: a book by Momma Starr entitled Black Hawk: Working with His Spirit


Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm Really Getting Irritated

...but I guess I shouldn't try to post information about cultural appropriation, eh?

Under the cut: Facebook "conversation" about Cultural Appropriation with EarthSoul

Monday, June 23, 2014

ADF and My Final Comments

I got an email from ADF asking to renew my membership. Since I wasn't going to renew it, they asked if I could fill out the survey instead. So...I did. Here's what I wrote:

click for larger view

And submit.

The second question really made me pause. In a way, I think I wouldn't be opposed to joining the local ADF if the tolerance of cultural appropriation went away. It would be something I'd be open too for community, though since I know the local grove is Norse-based anyway, I'm not holding my breath.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

It was an experience while it lasted

With the UU Group becoming yet another pagan space that permits racism and inappropriate eclecticism, I think I've exhausted all the in-person pagan groups that are available in this area. I won't go near the local occult store, which lead to being kicked out of Pagans of Nebraska, which means I don't want to be involved with ADF since the person who runs that in this region is part of Pagans of Nebraska. I was part of a pagan group on Facebook, but got banned after I asked for racial slurs to not be allowed. And now, with the entire debacle that is the UU group and church... What is left? The only other group I knew of is a branch of Silver Ravenwolf's Coven. Not touching that. The Pagan Pride Day in the area was started by Pagans of Nebraska and is sponsored by the local occult shop. I have no reason to want to go to that.

I don't like being in some antagonist role whenever I go to these groups. I don't want to worry about cringing at something racist. I don't want to silently sit by while people talk about the "Pagan Wheel of the Year" that bastardizes the Gaelic festivals. That isn't fun. It isn't enjoyable. It isn't how I would want to spend my weekend. Every pagan event I have ever gone to caters almost specifically to NeoWiccans. I have to ask to be included in the subculture I am supposedly already part of.

So... I'm done. Unless something twists my arm or I stumble into it, I am not actively seeking out pagan communities. I think I'll still transverse the online forums and blogs, because I'm not so outnumbered there. In fact, I have spaces designated to my beliefs on sites like Tumblr or The Cauldron. As for in-person spaces though? Bah. Unless I make my own space, I doubt I'll find any.

Basically, the I'm suck of living in a house that keeps throwing parties without inviting me. I'll find a new house.

Therefore, this blog will continue to archive any pagan community news, but I am moving my spiritual and religious posts to a new blog: Daughter of the Storm on Wordpress.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Continuing the UU Conversations...

Well, I emailed the Reverend of the UU church. Here are the copy and pasted conversations thus far. Feedback about how I am handling the situation is always welcomed.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

And goes on and on...

I support CAORANN.
Well, after three weeks of silence, I get a message from the UU Pagan group's organizer about a decision they reached about me, my actions, and the a meeting they knew I wouldn't be at. The conversation isn't done, but I want to post what I have so far have collected so I can show it to the Reverend of the UU church (reasons will be given at the end.)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

And it continues...

Well, I got responses from my remarks on the Facebook group page.

Before I post the screenshots, I want to mention that I changed methods in how I screen-capped these conversations about half-way through the events. Typically, I block out names. As much as I'm for public scrutiny on people who have problematic opinions and practices, I do realize that employers and communities hold prejudices against non-Abrahamic religious beliefs that fall under the pagan umbrella. This Facebook group I am screen-capping is actually private for those reasons. So, I block out names for that reason.

However, green-blocked guy from all these chats is public about his beliefs. He legally changed his name to reflect these beliefs. So I think Kevin EarthSoul doesn't need this type of protection when he is willing to be public about his ideas, beliefs, and teachings. (This extends to his wife.)

And in fairness, I also unblocked my legal name (typically hidden with the purple blocks). My online life and offline life are so intermingled that it hardly needs to be a secret. I'm open about my spiritual beliefs too. So after I unblock his name, I also unblock mine. (Spoilers: my legal name is Marcella. "Allec" is my nickname backwards, "Cella.") And I also want to be under scrutiny for my actions. I am a white middle-class person. I am speaking as an ally, not as an oppressed person, in these conversations. Therefore, if I misspeak in any way please tell me.

Monday, April 14, 2014

UU Group and Cultural Appropriation Articles

(image source)
While on Tumblr, a person I follow posted a link to a really insightful article on cultural appropriation on Jezebel's website. The article is titled: "A Much-Needed Primer on Cultural Appropriation" by Katie J.M. Baker. I thought it had some really informative parts as well as helping people who want to wear Native-inspired clothing. (Hint: you should buy from Native Americans.) I reblogged it on Tumblr, linked it to my Facebook timeline, linked it to OPPSG (which needs to be changed over into PAGBAH, I think), linked it on Cross Quarterly's Facebook, and finally decided to also link it to the UU Facebook Group.

Which brings me to this: I haven't been removed from the Facebook group! Even though I have decided to stop attending monthly meet-ups, they haven't removed me from the Facebook group. I would like to go back to the monthly meet-ups once the current organizer steps down.

Anyway, after I posted that article from Jezebel, the guy declaring he should be able to use the word "Shaman"--whom I've dubbed MoonSpirit--decided to make another post after mine about his views on cultural appropriation:

(trigger warning: racism below, though thankfully no slurs.)

Friday, March 21, 2014

[Pagan Blog Project 2014] F is for Forgetting...

I have NOT been updating this blog, and have especially been neglecting the Pagan Blog Project prompts.

I have, however, began college again! I am back into thinking I should start my theatre company, while also wanting to take as many "academia" classes as possible. I'm also now living on my boyfriend's parents' farm. I'm soon hopefully going to be reviewing some pagan and occult books I have lying around. 

So hopefully I'll be back to writing blog posts for PBP next week. It's "G", which means I will write about Gaelic Polytheism or Gaol Naofa. Probably GP followed by Gaol Naofa. I have means to write about both in my kinda personal anecdote sorta way.

Hope you're well!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

[Pagan Blog Project] E is for Everyone's Included!

A little late to post, but I wanted to use the PBP to springboard a project I started thanks to the inspiration from QueerPagans

Pagans Against Gender Binary and Heteronormativity (PAGBAH) began November 2013 and came to fruition February 2014. The movement or slogan started after discontent over the excessive amount of Binary and Heteronormative language within pagan circles and literature. This website aims to help inform pagans on what the Gender Binary and Heteronormativity are, why they are damaging, and how to counteract its presence at pagan events, forums, and other types of communities. 

Ironically, I started this though I'm not sure if I want to consider associating myself with paganism... But, I will probably continue to frequent those corners of the internet, so...erm...PAGBAH!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

[Pagan Blog Project] D is for Dé Ocus Andé

I was first tempted to do "D is for Days Late" since I again am making this post late... Oh well. This project is for me; I'll get it done when I can get it done. 

Speaking of how this is for me, I actually just want to discuss the phrase "dé ocus andé" as something I find extremely interesting instead of talking about my relationship towards them.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Goodbye to the UU Group (For Now)

Slippery Slope

I think I've mentioned this before, but I don't like being an instigator for problems. But I am hopeful for resolution and hopeful that if I bring up a problem, others will acknowledge it for its problematic aspects. This...hasn't been the case so far in most of the pagan groups I've visited: (see here, here, and here.) I was hopeful with the UU group, though, but I've already had a couple of cringing moments. The remark made by the group organizer towards including Shamanism made my skin crawl. I decided to try to nip it in the bud before it even became a thing.

It didn't go so well. (Warning: Uncensored slur below. I'll give a warning again when the image comes up.)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chalice's Imbolc Ritual

I have been neglecting to update this blog with my experiences going to the UU Imbolc Ritual lead by Chalice. She went through a lot of hard work and preparation. I had such a delightful time!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Update! I'm now a member of Gaol Naofa!

Gaol Naofa's website banner
Gaol Naofa is an community that has produced some really, really wonderful articles about Gaelic Polytheism. After writing about Community for the PBP, I applied for membership. I wanted a community that didn't make me feel like I had to worry about racism, sexism, or other types of oppression. Since Gaol Naofa makes a conscious effort against that, I feel really safe in their midsts. 

I don't know what I can offer the community other than being active, but I'm actively keeping an eye out for ways to help out with them near and far. 

This blog obviously is still about me and my practices, and I'm not posting on behalf of Gaol Naofa. But, I haven't shared on this blog about this important life update :)

Also needing to be updated: I need to blog about the Omaha Irish Cultural Center as well as what has happened recently with the UU Group. Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

[Pagan Blog Project 2014] B is for Brigid

I guess I should start by saying how I'm utterly confused at what is the "proper" spelling of Brigid's name. I've seen her name spelled the following: Brigit, Brighid, Bríg, Bride. I tried once to figure out which was what in what language, but it seems the spelling is everywhere. Or, at least, I don't have enough etymology and resources to properly discern which is properly Gaelic and which is British and so forth. 

But anyway. Im going to stick to spelling her name as Brigid.

Friday, January 17, 2014

[Pagan Blog Project 2014] B is for Blood-Ancestry

Even before I narrowed my religion down to Gaelic Polytheism, I still was very interested in Celtic polytheism as a whole while eclectic. One of the first things I read was about honoring the Gods, Spirits, and Ancestors. Coming into Gaelic Polytheism, that three is called The Sacred Three (or Na Trí Naomh in Gaeilge) by Gaol Naofa: Gods, Spirits, and Ancestors.

As someone who is not close to my blood family, this poses an interesting problem... (tw under the cut: talks of abuse.)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I have the best boyfriend.

Flowers I got from William a month ago.
As I mentioned in this blog article on my mental illness, I have mental illness. Yesterday I woke up with an anxiety attack about how my life is at the moment. I won't get into the details here. William, my boyfriend whom I live with, reassured me about everything then helped me start to make myself an early lunch. Afterwards, his mom called and I surprised him by saying I would like to go out for lunch and even go to the DMV (despite the DMV making me anxious too.) All in all, I managed to come back from a severe anxiety attack to the point where I left my comfort zone to be around 1) his mother and 2) the DMV. (His mother isn't really that stressful, but being around her still can push my social anxiety if I don't have enough spoons.) 

I came home at about 4pm. I called my therapist to double check an appointment and my psychiatrist to make one, then I promptly went to bed to detox from the day.

I woke up today with William saying he had a gift for me. I was confused, because we don't have any money for him to buy me anything. He then gave me this:

It's an small garlic jar filled with my protection sea salt, sunflower petals, and topped off with his worry stone he carried in his pocket. He gave it to me for protection.

My boyfriend isn't pagan or "New Age", though. (He believes in pantheistic secular humanism.) He also isn't someone who does magic. This isn't the type of thing he does normally. But he did this for me, because he knows I believe in it and work with it. Just like the gifts he got me for my birthday.

So. I'm just. Floored by how lovely this is. It's really soothing to look at, which I think is because he gave me it.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Reflections on Sunday's Ritual

My Parshall Cross that I gave the UU's Little Free Library has a new home it seems on the banner! I'm happy it's still able to protect the church. I saw it tonight while attending January's UU pagan group's get-together. First ritual with a different organizer. While I'm still overall enjoying my visits with the group, I still have a bit of a complaint as someone without Wiccanate privilege. I don't know how to exactly bring up these sort of complaints... but at least I can voice them on this blog, eh?

Friday, January 3, 2014

[Pagan Blog Project 2014] A for Altar

I suppose it's 'bout time I joined in on the wonderful Pagan Blog Project. Better than late than never, eh? (Especially considering how late in the day I'm submitting this. Eeps.)

Anyway, so Altars!