Saturday, May 17, 2014

It was an experience while it lasted

With the UU Group becoming yet another pagan space that permits racism and inappropriate eclecticism, I think I've exhausted all the in-person pagan groups that are available in this area. I won't go near the local occult store, which lead to being kicked out of Pagans of Nebraska, which means I don't want to be involved with ADF since the person who runs that in this region is part of Pagans of Nebraska. I was part of a pagan group on Facebook, but got banned after I asked for racial slurs to not be allowed. And now, with the entire debacle that is the UU group and church... What is left? The only other group I knew of is a branch of Silver Ravenwolf's Coven. Not touching that. The Pagan Pride Day in the area was started by Pagans of Nebraska and is sponsored by the local occult shop. I have no reason to want to go to that.

I don't like being in some antagonist role whenever I go to these groups. I don't want to worry about cringing at something racist. I don't want to silently sit by while people talk about the "Pagan Wheel of the Year" that bastardizes the Gaelic festivals. That isn't fun. It isn't enjoyable. It isn't how I would want to spend my weekend. Every pagan event I have ever gone to caters almost specifically to NeoWiccans. I have to ask to be included in the subculture I am supposedly already part of.

So... I'm done. Unless something twists my arm or I stumble into it, I am not actively seeking out pagan communities. I think I'll still transverse the online forums and blogs, because I'm not so outnumbered there. In fact, I have spaces designated to my beliefs on sites like Tumblr or The Cauldron. As for in-person spaces though? Bah. Unless I make my own space, I doubt I'll find any.

Basically, the I'm suck of living in a house that keeps throwing parties without inviting me. I'll find a new house.

Therefore, this blog will continue to archive any pagan community news, but I am moving my spiritual and religious posts to a new blog: Daughter of the Storm on Wordpress.

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