Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm Really Getting Irritated

...but I guess I shouldn't try to post information about cultural appropriation, eh?

Under the cut: Facebook "conversation" about Cultural Appropriation with EarthSoul

So I didn't know who Vine Deloria is. I'm learning, to be honest, so of course I don't know everyone's names. I think that attitude is rather belittling, to say the least. It's not a show of education or conversation, but dominance. Reminds me of people in nerd culture saying, "Oh, you don't know who Flash is? Then you don't REALLY like comics" and that kinda elitist BS. 

And while I don't think EarthSoul can even begin to speak about allies as he's made no verifiable attempts to even speak one-on-one with a Native activist, I do implore (as I have in the past) for people to tell me if my manner in these conversations is offensive or the mark of a bad ally. As I said, I'm learning. I'm not perfect. But I want to correct myself if someone who is in a position to tell me how I am as an ally (eg: someone from the NA community, not some New Age White Guy.)

Lastly, yes I know the group is closed. And I block people's names out (as I did with Stephanie) because I understand that religious discrimination is too common in America as much as we pretend it isn't. But EarthSoul changed his last name to..."EarthSoul." He makes a career out of selling spirituality. I don't think he is someone who is in the closet.

So again: please let me know if anything I did was out of line or in bad taste, or even racist (what would I know?) I wish I could have linked more articles, but he never seems to read them. 

The original article by the way is linked here.

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