Tuesday, February 4, 2014

[Pagan Blog Project] C is for Cros Bríde

Wow this is super late. But I made my cros Bríde over the weekend! So I thought I'd share!

Cros Bríde is a cross made for Brigid on Imbolc/Là Fhèill Brìghde. Traditionally, they're made with rushes, or perhaps even straw. However, the first one I made was in the heart of Philadelphia where nature was less common than sewer stink. So getting rushes, or even straw, were hard to come by if not a rarity I'd have to scavenge for. But then I looked around my apartment and found something more fitting.


I started to think about the cros Bríde being made by "things of the land." Which, in my urban case, would have been newspaper. Philadelphia Newspaper, to be precise. 

Thus started my own personal tradition with making cros Brídes:

This year, I collected a free local newspaper in preparation of making my cross out of it. It didn't turn out as big or as well as my Philly one, but it still is made of "Omaha" materials:

I then made one out of pipe cleaners to display in William's house's front door, so that it looks a bit nicer and I don't feel so bad asking his mom if I can do it. This one, however, will go over our bedroom door.

Another bonus to using material "local" to my city I'm in is that I have a direct link to the places I've lived. Moving out of Omaha into the country, I'm may actually make a cros Bríde with straw found in their yard (I might have to, actually, since I don't think the town is big enough to have a newspaper of its own...) 

Anyway. That's what I wanted to share. My own lil take on the Imbolc tradition.

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