Saturday, March 1, 2014

[Pagan Blog Project] E is for Everyone's Included!

A little late to post, but I wanted to use the PBP to springboard a project I started thanks to the inspiration from QueerPagans

Pagans Against Gender Binary and Heteronormativity (PAGBAH) began November 2013 and came to fruition February 2014. The movement or slogan started after discontent over the excessive amount of Binary and Heteronormative language within pagan circles and literature. This website aims to help inform pagans on what the Gender Binary and Heteronormativity are, why they are damaging, and how to counteract its presence at pagan events, forums, and other types of communities. 

Ironically, I started this though I'm not sure if I want to consider associating myself with paganism... But, I will probably continue to frequent those corners of the internet, so...erm...PAGBAH!

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