Saturday, October 5, 2013

31 Days of Magic: What lead you to start practicing witchcraft?

"Magic" by Curenta
A few weeks ago, a blogger on Tumblr mentioned a lack of Secular Witchcraft "31 Days" Question Meme. For those who don't know, the "31 Days of ___" is a meme of sorts that has 31 questions to be answered over a series of 31 days. The ones easily found by Google for witchcraft, though, had religious elements in the questions. Such as, "What Gods/Goddesses do you worship?" or "How do you honor the Moon?" and stuff like that.

So, in response, I decided to make a 31 Days of Secular Witchcraft. I called it "witchcraft" because that was what the person seeking the meme worded it as. Ironically, I don't call what I do "witchcraft" so I'm going to be changing this title for myself to "31 Days of Magic."

Without further ado, I'll now be answering the first question: What lead you to start practicing witchcraft magic?

...Which is actually a short, dull answer. I started practicing witchcraft magic after reading a few introductory books to Wicca and Paganism. It seemed to be an integral part of pagan practice, so I started to read up on magic and spells.

However, the more interesting question to answer is why I continued to practice magic after learning that 1) I didn't want to be Wiccan or Neowiccan, 2) being pagan didn't mean being a witch, 3) calling oneself a witch as a Gaelic Polytheist doesn't make sense.

Truthfully, I still practice magic because I'm a superstitious person and a lot of the magic I do revolves around that. While I never plan on becoming a dedicated spellcaster (unlike people such as Crooked Crown), I still enjoy performing magic when I see fit. I've made charms on my door to ward off intruders, enchanted a necklace to help with anxiety, and done a spell to increase someone's finances. I don't have a real strict ritual when doing magic, but instead I do it more casually. Like how I paint or draw.

Recently, I've been invested my time with Seaconjurer too. This is a type of magic that brings me closer to bodies of water, specifically the Sea. So there's that point too.

All in all, I still practice magic because I like to influence the world in and around me. Whether I'm successful is another story.

So reader, do you practice magic? 
What lead you to start? 
If you don't practice magic, why don't you?

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